How to Apply Children Core Vocabulary in The Simplified Version of A Classical Text: Elementary Farsi Reading Textbook


  • Roshanak Azari Farhangian University, Iran



One of the most important subjects that should be considered by the authors of Farsi elementary textbooks is the application of proper vocabulary in accordance with the different levels of the age group lexical knowledge. In order to teach target vocabulary, the application of the core and mediator vocabularies is necessary. This article studied the core vocabulary in the classical texts of the 5th-grade Farsi reading textbook. A simplified classical text which was the rewriting of the opening part of “the cow and the lion†chapter in Kalila & Demna was the body of the analysis. The study was done by a quantitative approach and descriptive method. The analysis unit was vocabulary, divided into nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Totally 31 core vocabularies were located in the lesson. The most applied ones were nouns. This study indicated that according to the core vocabulary gradation list, 70.96% of the mentioned vocabularies were from the first and second quarters of the textbook, matching with the location of the lesson in the textbook. Thematic analysis showed that the most concentrated subjects in the core vocabularies were social relationships, family, home, the living environment.

Author Biography

Roshanak Azari, Farhangian University, Iran

Assistant professor, Departement of Persian language and literature.


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