Focus and Scope

QUANTA: Jurnal Kajian Bimbingan dan Konseling dalam Pendidikan aims to promote excellence in high quality research findings and provide a platform for researchers, scholars, professionals, practitioners, and students to promote and discuss the results of research studies that contribute to the innovation and development of implementation of guidance and counseling services in schools. We hope, it will be an appreciable step in promoting the research activities and scientific information through this journal.

The focus and scope of the QUANTA: Jurnal Kajian Bimbingan dan Konseling dalam Pendidikan includes the following topics:

  1. Implementation of Guidance and Counseling services in School
  2. Guidance and Counseling in Higher Education
  3. Counseling Profession and Professional Counselors in the 21st Century
  4. Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Guidance and Counseling Services
  5. Counselor Competency Standards
  6. Personal Development of Counselors/Guidance and Counseling Teachers
  7. Guidance and Counseling for Children with Special Needs in School
  8. Program Components of Guidance and Counseling Service (Curriculum guidance, Individual planning, Responsive services, System support)
  9. Guidance and Counseling services in all domain (Personal, Social, Academic, and Career)
  10. Guidance and Counseling Services in all Setting (Assessment, Curriculum, Management, Evaluation and Supervision)
  11. Theory and Practice of Group Guidance (Group, Classical and Peer Guidance)
  12. Theory and Practice of Group Counseling (Group and Individual Counseling)
  13. Islamic Education Guidance and Counseling, Islamic Guidance and Counseling
  14. Multicultural Counseling
  15. Family Guidance and Counseling
  16. Personal Development of Student/Counseli